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E2RC began as StormCo, LLC in 2006. The company focused on turnkey stormwater compliance and site management. We recognized developers, contractors and engineers needed a partner with a targeted, engineered approach to environmental compliance. We created a strong market presence as an assertive compliance teammate; one that viewed the project owner and site operator as worthwhile with important links to overall erosion management and pollution mitigation. We believe assertive engineering coupled with active site performance demonstrate the best in regulation compliance and agency cooperation.

The company extended its capabilities through site stabilization and erosion control construction techniques in 2010. This segment of the business has evolved into a primary driver allowing us to offer a construction horizon that captures all the elements of stormwater design, integrated site compliance and site restoration.

Our future is exciting. We are a full-scale firm engaging in construction compliance service and pollution mitigation. E2RC represents the future of stormwater and erosion control site management: interdependent design, compliance, and restoration

In 2015 E2RC expanded its services to assist entities regulated by the Multi – Sector General Permit (MSGP). Certain industrial activities generate pollutants or involve materials and equipment which may degrade water quality if stormwater encounters these activities. E2RC works with industrial operators to develop a complete management program, including a compliance plan, control implementation and maintenance, monitoring and annual reporting and revegetation.

A Bit About Us


E2RC’s mission is efficient, effective regulatory compliance. We are a fully integrated company focusing on conscious, competent and assertive leadership in each stage of our partners' projects. We demonstrate sound, realistic engineering principles during design creation. Our construction and reclamation execution is lean and focused on productive outcomes. Our project evaluation tools and techniques lead the industry.

E2RC’s goal is to give $1.50 in value for every $1.00 our customers spend. The strength of our company is displayed every day in our guiding principles:

  1. We are a partnership focused with very profitable results for every member as the measure of the relationship.

  2. We follow the golden rule.

  3. We THINK and ACT with intention and purpose.

  4. We believe in candor and honesty.


We measure every activity against our principles to ensure our performance meets our goal!

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